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2019 frist drop.Civiatelier Originals Weight saving MA-1 Jacket.

2019年初回のITEMはCiviatelier Originals Weight saving MA-1の発売です。 2019.2.9 (土) 11:00より発売致します。 初回のITEMは限定価格にて発売します。

素材選びから厳選し中綿には軽くて暖かい3M社のThinsulateを使用。 シンプルで合わせやすいデザインにて今回は提案致します。







春先に向けてNew itemをリリースします。

今の時期はコートの下にインナージャケットとして着用できる軽さでデザインしてます。 SIZE:M〜XL PRICE:15000+tax 少量の特別価格になりますので無くなり次第終了とさせて頂きます。

The first item in 2019 Civiatelier Originals Weight saving MA-1 is on sale. The first ITEM will be released at a limited price. It uses 3M's Thinsulate, which is light and warm for the cotton. I will propose this time with a simple and easy-to-fit design. It is lighter than usual MA-1 and uses 3M-made inner cotton, and it has the function of being thinner and warmer than usual inner cotton.

Civietelier suggests making things that are practical.

I would like to propose the design and product of Civietelier to everyone in the midst of the spread of clothes that are cheap and cheap because of the cheapness of the cheep. "SPRING JACKET" "I'll propose a spring jacket." For the current period we are designing with lightness that can be worn as an inner jacket under the coat. SIZE: M ~ XL PRICE: 15000yen + tax Please note that the first item will be a special price only for a small amount so we will end as soon as it gets lost. #Civiatelier #MA1 #2019 #original #streetfashion #streetstyle #3M #thinsulate #軽量 #Weightsaving



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